The Bali Tritunggal Perkasa Vision

Our Company envisions becoming the leader in the overseas recruitment industry through a punctual deployment of qualified professionals and workers and thereby becoming a true partner for its principals and a concerned employer for all of its recruited personnel.

The Bali Tritunggal Perkasa Commitment

CUSTOMERS – We will make the satisfaction of our customers our primary goal by working with them to establish and satisfy their requirements both now and in the future

BUSINESS – We will ensure the growth of the business by delivering value for money services to our clients. We will operate accordance with the best practice and are committed to comply with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements

COMPETITION – We will consistently aim to provide a better service than our competitors in whatever markets we choose to compete.

LEARDERSHIP – We will adopt a leadership style that encourages team work and harnesses the skills and enthusiasm of the entire staff.

QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM – We will maintain and implement an effective management system and then continuously improve the effectiveness of that management system. We will establish and all staff quality objectives.

STAFF – We will develop as working environment that recognizes and rewards the staff’s contribution to the business and encourages their personal involvement and development. We will ensure that all staff is competent to carry out assigned duties.